Inspiring Others To Help Others

person holding a green plant
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I’m inspired every day.

But today is going to be the day where I stop myself from not reaching my full potential. I need to help people, animals, and the planet. It’s what I’m purposed to do.

It’s what ALL of us are meant to do. Why wouldn’t we want to help others? It helps make everything that much better in every direction. If you do something good it is going to do more good. I know I don’t have to be a doctor to come up with that conclusion.

I want to help everyone and everything. I don’t feel fulfilled until I’ve put a smile on someone’s face or made a difference in the world. First, just take one step forward. Ask someone to take those steps with you. I’m sure they will be grateful for the experience in the end. Second, do anything even if it feels like nothing. Letting someone go ahead of you at the grocery store since they only have one or two items can spark a conversation. Give your family or friend a hug and kiss. They ask what for? Respond with “just cause I love you.”

I want to know I made an impact on people’s lives whether I know them or not. Did you relate to something I posted on my Instagram or on here perhaps? Well, I’m grateful and would love to hear from you. Tell me what projects you are working on or what your goals are. Maybe you are just helping yourself or family right now, which is totally fine as long as you are taking steps forward. I also like to include those baby steps. Did you skip coffee today, eat an apple instead of fries or say no to getting angry while driving? Then I’m truly happy for you and I’m trying to make those same small differences to make not only my life better but the lives around me also.

If you feel better, then your actions will be better and someone will pick up on those actions and then their actions will be one step better and that will make another outcome a little better and before you know it…

BAM! — People are smiling and the sun is shining in the rain and we are spreading love and everything seems that much better than the day before.

That my beautiful friends: is progress. Beautiful, sweet, cozy progress.

Even if we’ve never met; know that I am rooting for you and I support you. Because honestly, the world needs more love and support.

Let me know how you are making progress or what difference you want to make for yourself and the world, I would love to hear from you!

p.s. You guys can follow me on Instagram @geena__m (it’s hard to tell but there are 2 underscores)


| Always with love |

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