Connecting Our Roots

person s left hand holding green leaf plant
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There is something to learn at any stage of life. Especially from each other. If we all brought one positive thing into the world each day that would make an impact. Every day we can decide to take a new path and learn what we wish to change or improve on.

The amount of people we meet or see online who have such motivating and empowering stories is really what keeps us moving to improve ourselves. We are always aiming to spread our knowledge and help people find their happiness and passions in life. Making people feel open to sharing their experiences is what pushes others to share their stories.

Finding a healthy lifestyle can be challenging but it is good to be open to the challenges in life. Not only with plant-based eating but with the products you buy and how you can become more sustainable overall. There are so many amazing people out in the world who are trying to accomplish the same goals of lessening the negative impacts people have on the planet. Ways to help can be buying products that aren’t in plastic, finding companies that show their sustainable practices, buying food from local farmers, growing a garden and the list goes on and on!

There are so many ways to get involved and play a part in a better world not just for tomorrow but for future generations.

It all starts from within.

Wanting to better the environment and the lives that inhabit it, all stems from wanting a better life for yourself. If you have questions about how to start your positive journey there are so many resources. I would be more than happy to help anyone and there are many people on social media who have a lot of experience in different fields. The world is so big and there are so many people who are willing to help!

It doesn’t matter where you start, because if you are trying and making positive change then that is what matters most. Some local places that serve vegan food/options, as well as different vegan products, are Mustard Seed Market, Whole Foods, Troy, Grazers, Chipotle, Kent Natural Foods. There are more and more places incorporating a plant-based lifestyle into their company plan. It is amazing what the power of community can do to change the world locally and globally. If we stand together and spread awareness we can all do amazing things!


| Always with love |

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